The Society has a small library of books, many of which are not easily obtained elsewhere. It also has a selection of magazine articles extracted from several of the major Italian philatelic magazines.

 Books and folders of articles may be borrowed for an initial period of three months which can be extended by contacting the Librarian by email or phone. The postage and packing costs for both directions must be paid by the borrower. Most books are sent by Recorded Delivery but a few of the more valuable books are sent by Registered Post. You must use the same postal service for the return of the books as that used to send them to you.

 If you only require one or two articles from a folder or magazine, the Librarian can supply scans of the articles by e-mail at no cost or photocopies of the articles at 5p per side plus postage and packing. Please contact the Librarian before ordering as the number of sides involved is not necessarily the same as the number of pages (for example one page may equal two sides).

 The borrower is expected to acknowledge the receipt of a book and to contact the Librarian before posting it back.

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